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Last Updated: 08 May 2022
reduced red blood cell production versus normal production "reduced red blood cell production versus normal production", by National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, National Institutes of Health. Top: process of normal red blood cell production with a healthy kidney. Bottom: process of reduced red blood cell production with a damaged kidney...

In addition to ARDAP's accelerator technology Research and Development objective, ARDAP has a Production mission to close accelerator innovation supply chain gaps that influence future critical Office of Science and other United States Government accelerator facilities. ARDAP's Production program has 2 parts that resolve this objective, an Accelerator Technology Maturation program and an Accelerator Technology Production program. The Production program advances the manufacturing preparedness level of chosen crucial accelerator innovations as much as MRL-7 by funding modern technology sector production improvements. ARDAP's Production program is planned to sustain 5 primary technology areas identified by the Office of Science programs to be purposefully important for future scientific centers: Advances in superconducting accelerator systems, including SRF, SC magnets, and cryogenic engineering; Beam physics and high-fidelity computer modeling and control, including better diagnostics, control systems, advanced concentrating, and light beam air conditioning methods; Advances in high strength ion, electron, and proton sources, also including megawatt-class targets for secondary particle resources; Higher average-power radiofrequency and ultrafast laser sources, including power handling devices, and high precision X-ray optics; and High-risk, high-reward R&D in advanced materials, particle resources, beam of light dynamics, velocity methods, and other advanced topics. The ARDAP Production program goal is to turn US-based accelerator creations into items made by a proficient and diverse American workforce, as well as adjusting foreign accelerator breakthroughs to domestic products as ideal. A common aspect for much of these mechanisms will be moving technology as it grows from an R&D state at a National Laboratory or university to market while constructing up that sector's capability to generate that modern technology at the needed volume.

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