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Last Updated: 20 April 2022

Centering Parenting, SANTA CRUZ, Palo Alto Medical Foundation Pediatrics in Santa Cruz, is introducing a new way to do well-child checkups for young children. In the second segment of the trip, the families meet with the health care provider who is teaching the class and have a group discussion about their children's wellbeing. Riker, according to Riker, she brightens up around other children and likes to interact and learn from them. According to nurse practitioner and Centering Parenting Director Kayce Ryberg, more than 110 families have joined Centering Parenting in Santa Cruz, amounting to 16 families. Centering Parenting is the only facility in the county to have Centering Parenting. 2025 Soquel Ave. Centering Parenting is a Boston nonprofit that began in the 1990s as a group providing education, assistance, and curriculum materials for group health care. The institute also developed Centering Pregnancy, a scheme of group prenatal care for women, allowing women with the opportunity to monitor their health information and address pregnancy concerns at the same time. Gallagher allows the group to lead the discussion, but families usually bring up the topics she wants to address. Parents are encouraged, and it's quicker for them to develop community in a group environment than in an individual meeting, according to Gallagher. The approval comes in a sign of PAMF's continued growth here, and comes just weeks after PAMF broke ground on a new medical office center in Los Gatos. PAMF's planning commission permission on Tuesday allows PAMF to construct the 20,400-square-foot building and 216-space parking garage on what is now a parking garage at 3200 Kearny St. PAMF's new campus, totaling about 130,000 square feet. Officials wrote in a letter sent to PAMF's Fremont campus earlier this year that current PAMF surgeons and PAMF GI surgeons are not able to practice all outpatient surgical cases on the hospital's Fremont campus. PAMF intends to create a new surgical center to welcome all of those cases into the PAMF/Sutter Health system and improve patient care. Dr. Breton earned her undergraduate degree in Microbiology at California State University, Long Beach in 1987. Dr. Breton, a Pediatrician at East Cliff Family Health Center, started working as a Pediatrician in August of 2014. Dr. Crummer received his MD from UC Davis, Master of Arts from Eastman School of Music, Bachelor of Science from University of Rochester, Bachelor of Music from University of Rochester, and Bachelor of Music from Eastman School of Music. Dr. Crummer has experience in community health and Native American health. I also enjoy listening to music with colleagues and my children.

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