Parenteral Nutrition

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Last Updated: 07 May 2022
successful combined treatment with total parenteral nutrition fluid extravasation injuries in preterm infants. "successful combined treatment with total parenteral nutrition fluid extravasation injuries in preterm infants.", by Cho KY, Lee SJ, Burm JS, Park EA. F1: (A) Extravasation with 12.5% total parenteral nutrition and 10% intralipid on the dorsum of the right foot. (B) Four weeks after treatment....

Parenteral nutrition is the clinical term for getting nutrients intravenously. There are 2 types of parenteral nutrition: complete parenteral nutrition and partial parenteral nutrition. If you get total parenteral nutrition, you receive all your essential nutrition by means of an IV. You might still eat some foods utilizing your digestive system if you obtain partial parenteral nutrition. The food we absorb gives our body the capability to function. Parenteral nutrition assists some people get all the nutrients they require to be healthy and balanced. You may require parenteral nutrition if you have a problem that prevents you from taking in nutrients correctly. Specific problems that may need PN consist of: Crohn's disease; Short digestive tract syndrome; Severe throwing up; Severe looseness of the bowels; Radiation illness; Severe poor nutrition. If you have a well-functioning digestive system, or you don't have excellent capillary gain access to, then parenteral nutrition isn't a great choice for you. When you get PN, your nutrition does not undergo your gastrointestinal system.

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