Partial Mastectomy

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Last Updated: 09 May 2022

A lumpectomy is a type of surgical treatment for breast cancer to get rid of cancer or other abnormal tissue from your breast. Unlike a standard mastectomy, the doctor gets rid of only the tumor in addition to several of the breast tissue around it, and not the whole breast. Women that have this type of breast cancer surgical procedure usually: Have a solitary tumor that's small-- less than 4 centimeters in diameter; Have sufficient tissue so that removing surrounding tissue will not leave a misshapen breast; Are medically able to get surgical treatment and follow-up radiation therapy. Cancer that's spread out throughout your breast tissue and the skin over it. Yet a lumpectomy plus radiation might not be a great alternative for women who: Have several tumors in the breast; Have huge tumors or cancer that has infected the lymph nodes or other tissue around the breast; Have had radiation to the same breast for an earlier breast cancer; Are pregnant; Have a tumor where it would be difficult to get rid of adequate bordering tissue.

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