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Partitive Division

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Last Updated: 22 November 2020

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Teachers should review multiplication and division facts on board or orally and reaffirm the relationship between multiplication and division. Students should understand that when they multiply quotients and divisor together, they will get a dividend as answer. For example, 63 divided by 9 equals 7, and 7 times 9 equals 63. Once students have firm grasp of quotative and partitive division, teacher can demonstrate the relationship between fractions and division. The numerator of fraction is like dividend and the denominator is like divisor. Teachers can introduce partitive and quotative division by acting out real-world scenarios for the whole class using props and student volunteers. For example, for partitive division, teacher can call up four volunteers to front of class; each student represents one group. The teacher has 16 items and starts passing out one prop to each student, while asking the class how many items each student will receive. To act out quotative real-world scenario, teacher can tell class that each person needs two socks and that she has 12. She started passing out two socks to each student while asking class how many students would receive the appropriate amount of socks. For each role-play, teacher should follow up by writing relevant equation on board. Students can complete worksheets that include both quotative and partitive division word problems. For initial worksheets, teachers should show students how to illustrate each scenario. For example, for question that say, two people were given eight hot dogs; how many hot dogs does each person get?, Students can draw eight hot dogs and underneath draw two people, each with four hot dogs surrounding them. Once they understand concepts, they can simply complete word problems without drawing. If students are doing sheet with only division problems, they have a fairly simple task of coming up with the correct answer. But, if they are give sheet with multiplication and division problems, they may have issues figuring out the correct operation. Teachers should read word problems aloud and see if the class can identify whether the problem requires multiplication, division, or even addition or subtraction. Per, groups of and share equally are examples of keywords that denote division. The Aversboro Math Resources page offers a list of keywords for each operation that teachers can teach their students.

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* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions

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