Patient Safety

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Last Updated: 02 May 2022
mapping patient safety: a large-scale literature review using bibliometric visualisation techniques. "mapping patient safety: a large-scale literature review using bibliometric visualisation techniques.", by Rodrigues SP, van Eck NJ, Waltman L, Jansen FW. BMJOPEN2013004468F3: (A) Term map with colours indicating five clusters of terms: (1) medication (purple); (2) measuring harm (green); (3) patient safety culture (pink); (4) the physician (red) and (5) training, education and communication (yellow). An...

The global landscape of wellness care is changing with wellness systems operating in significantly complicated environments. Patient safety is a fundamental concept of health and wellness treatment and is now being identified as a large and expanding global public health obstacle. Patient safety is a structure of arranged activities that produces societies, procedures, behaviors, innovations and environments in healthcare that continually and sustainably lower dangers, decrease the occurrence of avoidable damage, make error less likely and minimize its effect when it does occur. Clear plans, business management capacity, data to drive safety enhancements, proficient health and wellness care specialists and effective participation of patients and families in the care procedure, are all needed to make sure significant and lasting enhancements in the safety of healthcare. Patient safety in healthcare is a immediate and severe global public health and wellness problem. Patient injury puts in a very high burden on all healthcare systems across the world.

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