Peninsula Malaysia Tornado Outbreak Of 2014

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Last Updated: 20 July 2021

What you're about to see is not a fragment from Into The Storm, but something that in fact took place right below in Malaysia. In the Kedah case, several houses in the village and a Sekolah Kebangsaan Alor Besar structure were damaged in the event that occurred at around 4pm.

A landspout is comparable to a waterspout. Pendang Civil Defence Department Assistant Civil Defence Officer Norashikin Ahmad Zawawi stated: Other witnesses said the spout appeared like a whirlwind and was swirling across paddy areas.

In Alor Star, the less-than-one-minute fanatic tornado that happened in Taman Sri Kota caused 5 homes having their roof coverings ripped off. A task worker, Saw Teong Heang, 52, claimed that he will reverse his automobile when he heard a loud noise and saw his roof covering being duped: It occurred so quick and I immediately shouted to my family that were inside your home to discover a refuge to hide. It shows up that things are transforming as human activities continue to contribute to climate change.

The Inforoadblock Facebook web page had recently shared a video showing a tornado passing by a town in Kedah yesterday afternoon. This is not the first time tornadoes have appeared in Malaysia. According to Peninsula Malaysia Tornado Outbreak Of 2014, there were 42 confirmed twisters across Kedah and Selangor, with the highest possible wind rates apparently at 240 km/h. The fanatic tornado that took place at about 2. 30 pm on Wednesday at Kampung Sungai Nonang, Jalan Batas Paip in Alor Setar, harmed a number of vehicles, blew and uprooted trees off the roofing panels of a number of buildings. Kedah Fire and Rescue Department examination division assistant supervisor Mohamad Yunus Abu claimed there were no reports of any individual being harmed by the tornado. He said his men and several personnel from the Kota Setar Civil Defence Department, led by C. Sehgar, rushed to clear fallen trees prior to nightfall.

National Weather Centre senior meteorological police officer Dr Mohd Hisham Mohd Anip stated it was the fourth mini tornado to strike the nation this year, done in Kedah. Dr Mohd Hisham additionally said that Wednesday's mini tornado was triggered by north-easterly winds blowing southern China Sea.

Villager Jamal Mat Ali, 49, was not in the house when the storm hit and was relieved to locate that his relative escaped injury.

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