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Peter Griffin As A Girl

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Last Updated: 02 July 2021

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For more than two decades, characters of Seth MacFarlane's Family Guy have put themselves through increasingly absurd situations. Whether it's epic chicken fights or Petercopter, Griffins has gone through situations that would be extremely consequential in real life. However, in the world of Show, they can get away with just about everything and be fine in the next Episode. Reddit fan theory suggest the reason why they can do this is because the world of Family Guy takes place inside Peter Griffin's head. It's all in Peter's head because he is trying to cope with the tragedies of his reality. In the real world, his kids are not like they are in his fantasy. For instance, Meg is a beautiful teenager and the most popular girl in high school. Also, Chris has intellectual disability because he didn't get enough oxygen when he was born. As opposed to the animosity two have shown each other in the cartoon, Meg is caring of her brother. She even took him to a party with her, but Meg drank too much. Meanwhile, Chris has a panic attack. To get her brother out of there, Meg drove them home while intoxicate, leading to a fatal car crash and killing both of them. Peter's wife, Lois, is devastated by the loss of her two children, so she commits suicide while pregnant with Stewie. With the loss of his entire family, Peter loses his mind and creates a world in his head where they're all alive. This explains why Meg is less popular and bullied all the time, since Peter resents her after her drunk driving causes this tragic chain of events. It also explains uncharacteristic, minor moments where Peter Show her compassion, offering inkling into what their life was like before everyone die. As for Stewie, Peter never had a chance to meet his son, so he imagined him as ridiculously intelligent and full of potential. Meanwhile, Stewie's desire to kill Lois is a reflection of Peter's anger towards her for taking her life along with their unborn son's. Peter's childish behavior and stupidity is also manufactured in his fantasy. In the real world, he is smart, but he sees himself as an idiot because he believes he failed as a father and husband. His intelligence is not go entirely, but it is channelled into the family dog, Brian. Peter's best friends, Cleveland and Quagmire, are similar to their real selves, and they often visit him hospital he's now residing in. They also tell him about a neighbor he had never meet, Joe. Since Joe is described as a strong and heroic Family man, Peter put him into his fantasy to represent the father and husband he wished he could've been. It's also during these visits, that Cleveland, who indulges in Peter's fantasy, starts to feel himself losing touch with reality, so he takes a break for some time. This prompted Peter to create the Cleveland Show in his head.

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9 Her Middle Name

Meg Griffin

Full nameMegatron Semanstein Griffin Meg Griffin Ron Griffin ( Stu Stewie's Excellent Adventure ),
Age15 (debut) 18 (as of Quagmire and Meg )
Job(s)Student at James Woods Regional High School
RelativesStan Smith (biological father) Lois Griffin (biological mother) Peter Griffin (adoptive father) Chris Griffin (younger brother) Stewie Griffin (youngest brother) Brian Griffin (pet dog) Babs Pewterschmidt (maternal grandmother) Carter Pewterschmidt (maternal grandfather) Carol West (maternal aunt) Patrick Pewterschmidt (maternal uncle) Thelma Griffin (paternal adoptive grandmother; deceased) Francis Griffin (paternal double-adoptive grandfather; deceased) Mickey Mcfinnigan (biological adoptive grandfather) Mayor Adam West (uncle; deceased)
Voiced byRachael MacFarlane (Original Pilot Pitch ) Lacey Chabert (Production Season 1, " Yug Ylimaf " and archival recordings in " Back to the Pilot ") Mila Kunis (Production Seasons 2-Present) Tara Strong (Singing voice in " Don't Make Me Over ") Debi Derryberry (Singing in the alternate opening of " Whistle While Your Wife Works ") Lisa Wilhoit (when played by Other Meg on The Real Live Griffins in " Fifteen Minutes of Shame ") Ali Hillis singing " If I Could Turn Back Time " in Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story John Viener (as male named Ron Griffin post-sex change surgery in Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story segment " Stu Stewie's Excellent Adventure ")
EpisodesAll episodes except " Believe It or Not, Joe's Walking on Air ", " Love, Blactually ", " Welcome Back, Carter ", " Stewie Is Enceinte ", " Brokeback Swanson ", " The Dating Game ", " Send in Stewie, Please " and appears only in musical number archive footage in " Brian Stewie ", and as Meg Peterson in " Peter's Progress " and as Veronica in " V is for Mystery "

If you are a fan of Foxs Family Guy, check out these interesting facts about unattractive, unpopular and unloved daughter, Meg Griffin. Her middle name was not been revealed throughout the show, but her brothers Chris and Stewies have. Meg was originally depicted as a sweet, teenage daughter who often took blame for terrible that the rest of her family do. However, over many seasons, writers transform Meg into who she is now teenage girl who is desperate for attention, and is hardly noticed by anyone. Megs past jobs have include: waitress, singer, babysitter, reality TV star, cashier and prostitute. In Episode Hero Sits Next Door, Meg mentions that she cannot taste salt. Meg Griffin was voiced by uncredited Lacey Chabert for the first Season, though some of Chabert's work became second Season episodes due to production order. Mila Kunis's voice is first heard as Meg in Episode 3 of Season two of Da Boom. Meg loses her virginity to Jimmy Fallon during an Episode of Saturday Night Live. Meg's only talent is that she can do great bird whistles. Meg makes a friend called Sarah, who is revealed to be a lesbian. Meg also pretended to be one so that she could feel accept, but she couldnt bring herself to kiss Sarah when they went out.


One of the less abusive moments during Meg's childhood, happened around her third birthday. Lois misses a lot of firsts for Meg, including her first steps, her first word, which was dada, and her first drum solo, while Peter witnesses all of it. One time, Griffins were going on vacation and Meg wanted to take her stuffed bunny rabbit toy with her. Her parents told her that she couldn't take any toys along because they didn't have room. When Meg started to cry, Peter tells her that they could make some arrangements. Next thing you know, Peter and Lois were taking their toy on vacation with them and leaving Meg at home.


Despite generally being emotionally fragile and meek, yet at the same time, passive and kind-hearted, and notably more well-behave than her siblings and more thoughtful than the rest of her overall family, Meg has, from time to time, shown a surprisingly darker side to her generally well-natured character, often triggered by family and other people's coldness and contempt for her. In the untitled Griffin Family History, Meg is charged with forcing herself upon a group of would-be captors and grows violently obsessed with Brian after a drunken kiss at Junior Prom in barely Legal. In the same episode, Meg threatens to commit suicide when nobody at school will be her date to Prom and she also tells her parents that she's going upstairs to eat a whole bag of peanuts. When her parents stare at her blankly, she cry, I'm allergic to peanuts! In Kiss see Around World. Meg also speaks of habitually cutting herself and throwing up after meals. Meg's dangerous behavior, however obvious, is rarely noticed by her parents even when state. Such as in sibling Rivalry, after Lois had her fat removed she states to Meg, that eating to solve one's problems is the wrong thing to do, apparently referencing that she's somewhat fat, while complimenting Chris's hat despite him being one who is overly obese. In this Meg reply, I don't eat to solve my problems, I cut myself. Peter also doesn't pay attention when she loses her temper and assaults man who crashes into the back of car while driving him, Cleveland, Joe and Quagmire Around when they have been drinking on the road to Rupert. He exclaimed that her actions were awesome and this led to her engaging in other erratic behavior to impress him. In dialing Meg for murder, Meg was desperate enough to date a criminal. Meg later states no one cares about her while robbing Mort's Pharmacy and knocking Peter's teeth out and rapidly beating him. In Go, Stewie, Go!, She rips out one of her teeth to prove that she is tougher than Lois. In April in Quahog, it's allude that she strangles stray cats. On the road to the North Pole, she wished for softer voices in her head. It is possible that Meg has a type of mental illness similar to Borderline Personality Disorder. Meg has exhibited behaviors that closely match Diagnostic criteria for BPD, as described by the Fourth Volume of Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders: pervasive pattern of instability of interpersonal relationships, self-image, and affects, as well as mark impulsivity, beginning in early adulthood and present in a variety of contexts, as indicate by five of following: frantic efforts to avoid real or imagined abandonment. The pattern of unstable and intense interpersonal relationships is characterized by alternating between extremes of idealization and devaluation.

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Stewie Griffin

Full nameStewart Gilligan Griffin
Age0 (debut) 1 (as of Chitty Chitty Death Bang ) 2 (as of Life of Brian 2: Revival Reversal )
RelativesLois Griffin (mother) Peter Griffin (father) Chris Griffin (older brother) Meg Griffin (older sister) Brian Griffin (pet dog) Carter Pewterschmidt (maternal grandfather) Babs Pewterschmidt (maternal grandmother) Carol Pewterschmidt (maternal aunt) Mayor Adam West (maternal uncle) Patrick Pewterschmidt (maternal uncle) Thelma Griffin (paternal grandmother; deceased) Francis Griffin (adoptive paternal grandfather; deceased) Mickey McFinnagin (biological paternal grandfather)
Quotes"Curse you vile Woman"
Voiced bySeth MacFarlane Ricky Blitt (odd laugh exposure in " Brian Sings and Swings ")
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Episode: Baking Bad, Season 13

Baking Bad Peter and Lois open Cookie store. Season: 13 Episode: 03 Total Episode Count: 234 Prod. No.: BACX20 First air: October 19 2014 Featuring: Peter Griffin, Lois Griffin Also Appearing: Chris, Meg, Stewie, Brian, Joe, Quagmire, Cleveland, Mort Goldman, Mayor West, Dr. Hartman, Rupert, Tom Tucker, Mr. Duckford, Mr. Giraffe, Mr. Octopus, Sandman, Moses, Paul Revere, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, Cookie Monster, Cookie, Sugar, Spice, Cinnamon, Brown Sugar & Butter, Richard Branson, Connie Britton Musical Numbers: Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes Director: Jerry Langford following the hurricane in Haiti, Lois organized a blood drive. After getting Peter to donate, he enjoyed her cookies and encouraged her to open a cookie store together. Going to the bank to get a loan, their cookies won over the manager, Cookie Monster. After acquiring a shop they call Peter's Wife's Cookies, they find that business isn't as steady as they had hop. Taking Quagmire's advice that sex sell, Lois finds that Peter has employed bikini beauties to work shop. Lois is upset until she finds that the idea has made a lot of money and reluctantly agrees to go along with it. Peter takes stunt to an extreme by turning the Cookie store into a strip club until Lois finally calls it quit. Apologetic Peter arrives home and admits he was wrong, and also brings Lois a personalized Cookie as well. Lois gets out of loan by turning shop back over to bank run by Cookie Monster. Meanwhile, Stewie has trouble sleeping, so Brian slips him some cough medicine so alcohol will help him. However, Stewie becomes drunk from abusing medicine and starts acting ridiculous. Stewie gets into drunk Big Wheel accident and passes out. The next day, Stewie arrives home to find Brian and his toys have arranged intervention. After successfully taking care of Stewie, Brian has to break up masturbation intervention for Chris.

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* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions

Episode: Da Boom, Season 2

Da Boom Griffins brought in New Millennium with a bang. Season: 2 Episode: 3 Total Episode Count: 10 Prod. No.: 2ACX06 First air: December 26 1999 Guest Starring: Patrick Duffy, Victoria Principal Featuring: Peter Griffin, Lois Griffin, Meg Griffin, Chris Griffin, Stewie Griffin, Brian Also Appearing: Glenn Quagmire, Cleveland, Joe Swanson, Bill Clinton, Ernie Giant Chicken, Hillary Clinton, Randy Newman, ET, Trix Rabbit, Twinkie Kid, Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr, Loretta Brown, Clevemire, Tom Tucker, Diane Simmons, Tricia Takanawa, Bob, Thomas Magnum, Higgins, Pam and Bobby Ewing, Joan of Arc, Leonardo da Vinci, Norman Fell Musical Numbers: Left Foot, Right Foot Director: Bob Jaques Assistant Director: Chong Lee Writers: Neil Goldman, Garrett Donovan Storyboarders: Brian Hogan, Dave Brain Plot: on December 31 1999, costume man warn Peter about dangers of Y2K. Peter locked his family up in a bomb shelter that evening. A nuclear holocaust occurs at the stroke of midnight, destroying much of Quahog and mutating or injuring many of the surviving citizens. Griffins are free from mutations. When food runs out, family travels to Natick, Massachusetts, in hopes that the Twinkie factory will survive. On way, Stewie is exposed to nuclear waste and later mutates into an octopus-like creature. Upon their arrival at Natick, they establish a town, dubbed New Quahog, which Peter mismanages into chaos. Octopus Stewie notices that he has put on weight, and then begins to lay eggs. Peter is eventually kicked out of town he found, and his family follow him, deciding where they should go next: Carvel factory in Framingham, Massachusetts. Meanwhile, Stewies spawn hatch, and begin to kill New Quahog citizens. The Episode ends in a live-action parody of the famous Episode of Dallas, where Pam Ewing wakes to find her husband Bobby in shower. She told him about Episode, which was apparently a dream. This is a parody of the famous Dallas shower scene, where the entire previous season of Dallas was revealed as a dream.

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