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Last Updated: 03 May 2022

An anxiety is a type of anxiety disorder. It develops when an individual starts to organise their life around preventing the thing they are terrified of, whether it's an animal, things, scenario or place. A fear is a type of anxiety disorder. If you have a fear, you will have an overwhelming need to prevent all contact with the source of your stress and anxiety. Entering into call with the cause of your fear and even the thought of this can make you nervous and might cause you to panic. If the root cause of your anxiety is an object or animal that you do not enter into contact with regularly, such as a serpent, it is unlikely to influence your daily life. If you have a more complicated anxiety, such as agoraphobia, you may find it very challenging to lead a normal life. There are various phobias, which can be split into two main categories: basic phobias; complicated phobias. Most people are mindful of a phobia, it may assist to identify some complex phobias by talking to a GP and answering inquiries about your stress and anxiety. Simple phobias are worries about specific things, tasks, animals or situations. Phobias impact different people in different ways. Some people only react with mild anxiousness when faced with the object of their worry, while others experience extreme anxiousness or have an extreme panic attack.

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