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Last Updated: 07 May 2022
underwater photogrammetry and object modeling: a case study of xlendi wreck in malta. "underwater photogrammetry and object modeling: a case study of xlendi wreck in malta.", by Drap P, Merad D, Hijazi B, Gaoua L, Nawaf MM, Saccone M, Chemisky B, Seinturier J, Sourisseau JC, Gambin T, Castro F. sensors-15-29802-f016: On the left, the ground 3D model computed by photogrammetry, on the right, level curves extraction from several planes with partial trace of the amphorae and other artefacts....

Measuring marine mammal health and wellness and problem through vessel, land, and aerial-based digital photography. Photograph of grey whale cow/calf set which will be used to collect information on their health and wellness. We also use photogrammetry to estimate cetacean abundance and their school frameworks, in addition to adjust visual aquatic animal viewer group size estimates. Over the past 40 years, as imaging innovations have advanced, we have efficiently collected airborne photogrammetry information for many cetacean species worldwide, study areas consist of the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Bering Sea, and Southern Ocean waters around Antarctica. We use these same methods to examine seals and sea lions also.

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