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Last Updated: 02 May 2022
discovery of a 240 million year old nematode parasite egg in a cynodont coprolite sheds light on the early origin of pinworms in vertebrates. "discovery of a 240 million year old nematode parasite egg in a cynodont coprolite sheds light on the early origin of pinworms in vertebrates.", by Hugot JP, Gardner SL, Borba V, Araujo P, Leles D, Stock Da-Rosa ÁA, Dutra J, Ferreira LF, Araújo A. Fig4: Origin and classification of pinworm parasites: from arthropods to mammalian reptiles and humans. The Oxyurida are parasites of both vertebrate and invertebrate with around 800 to 1000 species being described up to the present...

Pinworms are small parasites that can live in the colon and anus. While you rest, the female pinworms leave the intestines with the rectum and lay agitate nearby skin. Pinworms spread out easily. When people that are infected touch their anus, the eggs connect to their fingertips. The eggs can survive on house surface areas for approximately 2 weeks. Many people have no symptoms at all. Some people feel itching around the rectum or vaginal canal. The itching might come to be extreme, disrupt sleep, and make you short-tempered. Your wellness treatment provider can detect pinworm infection by finding the eggs. Mild infections may not need therapy. Every person in the household ought to take it if you do need medicine. To protect against becoming contaminated or reinfected with pinworms,: Bathe after getting up; Wash your pajamas and bed sheets frequently; Wash your hands routinely, especially after utilizing the bathroom or changing baby diapers; Change your undergarments on a daily basis; Avoid nail biting; Avoid scratching the rectal area.

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