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Last Updated: 07 May 2022

A program made for point location and estimation of error was developed as part of the Quality Assurance Program of the Federal Highway Administration/U. S. PLACER is a simple program that calculates the latitude and longitude works with of one or more research study sites outlined on a released map and estimates the unpredictability of these determined works with. PLACER calculates the latitude and longitude of each research website by interpolating in between the collaborates of known features and the locations of research study sites using any consistent, direct, user-defined coordinate system. This program will check out data entered from the computer system key-board and from a formatted text documents, and will compose the results to the computer system display and to a text documents. PLACER can be used to calculate study site locations in latitude and longitude, utilizing known map works with or features that are recognizable in geographic information data bases such as USGS Geographic Names Information System, which is offered on the World Wide Web.

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