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Point Mutation

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Last Updated: 01 May 2022
automatic extraction of protein point mutations using a graph bigram association. "automatic extraction of protein point mutations using a graph bigram association.", by Lee LC, Horn F, Cohen FE. pcbi-0030016-g004: Example of a Paragraph of Text Evaluated by the Graph Bigram and Word Distance Metrics(A)Text is taken from a figure label from the article PMID 10889210.(B)Graph generated by bigram traveral using the graph bigram...

A point mutation happens in a genome when a solitary base set is added, erased or changed. While most point mutations are benign, they can additionally have different functional repercussions, including changes in gene expression or modifications in encoded proteins. Your cells have additionally evolved methods to take care of some point mutations and correct them back to your initial genome. Yet the very unusual point mutation in your somatic cells, which are the cells that won't be sperm or eggs inevitably can lead to symptomatic disease. Social and Behavioral Research Branch.

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