Polybutadiene Acrylonitrile

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Last Updated: 06 February 2022

Polybutadiene acrylonitrile copolymer, also known as polybutadiene-acrylic acid-acrylonitrile terpolymer, is a copolymer compound used most often as a rocket propellant fuel mixed with ammonium perchlorate oxidizer. Polybutadiene acrylonitrile is also used by amateurs due to its simplicity, low cost, and lower toxicity than the more common hydroxyl-terminated polybutadiene. PBAN based propellants also have a marginally higher success than HTPB based propellants, which is only marginally higher than HTPB based propellants. As far as the same curing agents were concerned, the tensile characteristics of the elastomer, which was based on the cured PBAN, were not as good as those of telechelic elastomers. The ultimate tensile strength and ultimate elongation of the PBAN elastomers were between 3-6 kg/cm and 100-40 percent, respectively.

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