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the effects of ponatinib, a multi-targeted tyrosine kinase inhibitor, against human u87 malignant glioblastoma cells. "the effects of ponatinib, a multi-targeted tyrosine kinase inhibitor, against human u87 malignant glioblastoma cells.", by Zhang J, Zhou Q, Gao G, Wang Y, Fang Z, Li G, Yu M, Kong L, Xing Y, Gao X. f3-ott-7-2013: Ponatinib inhibits migration of U87MG cells.Notes: (A) U87MG cells were treated with different concentrations of ponatinib (1.25, 5, or 20 nM) for 8 hours. The non-migrated cells on the upper surface of the filter...

Ponatinib is a cancer medicine that conflicts with the growth of some cancer cells. Ponatinibis used in adults to treat a type of blood cancer called persistent myeloid leukemia, or Philadelphia chromosome positive intense lymphoblastic leukemia. Ponatinib is usually given after other similar medications have been attempted without success. Ponatinib may cause heart or capillary issues that might lead to heart death, stroke, or attack. Ponatinib might additionally damage your liver. Ponatinib may harm a coming child. Use efficient birth control to stop maternity while you are using ponatinib and for a minimum of 3 weeks after your last dosage. However, it is important to use contraception to avoid maternity due to the fact that ponatinib can harm an expected child. You may need frequent clinical tests to make sure ponatinib is not triggering harmful effects. Your cancer treatments might be postponed based on the outcomes. Uses: -For the therapy of adult patients with CP-CML with resistance or intolerance to at least 2 previous kinase inhibitors -For the therapy of adult patients with AP-CML, or BP-CML or Ph+ ALL for whom nothing else kinase inhibitors are shown -For the treatment of adult patients with T315I-positive CML or T315I-positive Ph+ ALL.

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