Protease Inhibitors

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Last Updated: 04 May 2022
protease inhibitors enhance extracellular collagen fibril deposition in human mesenchymal stem cells. "protease inhibitors enhance extracellular collagen fibril deposition in human mesenchymal stem cells.", by Han S, Li YY, Chan BP. Fig3: Intracellular collagen fibril formation and growth by hMSCs in different groups at different time points after removal of extracellular collagen fibrils by treatment with bacterial collagenase type VI. a-p Visualization of internalized collagen after...

The term "protease inhibitor" refers to a class of medicines instead of to a solitary drug. Yet unlike the many, more common antiviral drugs that can be used to combat against infections such as flus, protease inhibitors are most usually used to aid battle HIV. If you or a loved one is living with HIV, continue reading to discover exactly how protease inhibitors assist lengthen life by avoiding HIV from transforming into AIDS. Protease inhibitors do not cure HIV. If you are HIV-positive, you need to include therapy with protease prevention drugs if your medical professional agrees to your strategy of treatment as quickly as you can. Protease inhibitors aren't used by themselves to treat HIV; they're used along with other treatments. The effectiveness of the HAART technique is based on the use of 3 or more drugs all at once to deal with HIV. Although the HAART method for dealing with HIV is aggressive in nature, it has a proven performance history in the avoidance of HIV-related fatalities. Having undetected viral load would not indicate that you are healed if you had HIV. It would mean, however, that a standard blood test wouldn't map the HIV in your system. That's excellent information, since having undetected levels of HIV in your system is a sign that you can not pass HIV on to sexual partners. You may even have a minimized risk of passing HIV on a child while pregnant or while breastfeeding.

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