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Last Updated: 05 May 2022
ηypoxia-inducible factor-1α, von hippel-lindau protein, and heat shock protein expression in ophthalmic pterygium and normal conjunctiva. "ηypoxia-inducible factor-1α, von hippel-lindau protein, and heat shock protein expression in ophthalmic pterygium and normal conjunctiva.", by Pagoulatos D, Pharmakakis N, Lakoumentas J, Assimakopoulou M. f6: Panel depicting the cellular distribution of pVHL in pterygia (A-C) and normal conjunctiva (D). Note the considerable staining heterogeneity in different pterygium samples (A-C). A: Weak cytoplasmic immunoreactivity in numerous epithelial cells of pterygium...

A pterygium is a fleshy overgrowth of the conjunctiva, which is the thin clear membrane layer externally of the eye. If untreated, a pterygium may grow across the cornea impacting vision and coming to be more noticeable. Pterygia might grow back in spite of effective surgical procedure. A pterygium is usually painless, though it can cause irritation to the eye at any phase. Great capillary may be noticeable. If symptoms do occur, they might consist of: swelling, consisting of bloodshot whites of the eye on the side with the pterygium; itching and shedding feelings on the eye surface area; mild eye pain; troubles with vision if the pterygium grows across the cornea. Pterygia are recognized to be related to the following: Sunlight exposure, pterygia are more common in populations near the equator and in people that spend a lot of time outdoors in hot weather condition. Estimates suggest that about 12% of Australian men over 60 years have the condition. A combination of aspects, pterygium might be brought on by a variety of the above aspects operating in combination.

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