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Last Updated: 04 May 2022
a rare presentation of pemphigus vulgaris as multiple pustules. "a rare presentation of pemphigus vulgaris as multiple pustules.", by Yang Y, Lin M, Huang SJ, Min C, Liao WQ. F0002: Multiple pustules on the right elbow, some pustules connects to pustules lakes...

A pustule is a bulging patch of skin that teems with a yellow-colored fluid called pus. They show up when you have some type of infection and your body is trying to combat it off with white blood cells. That can result in a mix of contaminated fluid and dead leukocyte. When pus accumulates under your skin or in a pore, it can cause a pustule. This very common skin problem causes pustules that are larger than regular pimples. They take place when one of the pores in your skin gets so aggravated that its wall surfaces break. This skin disease usually makes the skin on your face red and causes acnes. A form of the disease understood as inflammatory rosacea can trigger pustules. This childhood disease and other diseases triggered by a relevant virus cause skin lesions that end up being pustules as the disease proceeds. Pustules are also a symptom of this unusual disease that makes your immune system turn on itself.

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