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Last Updated: 08 May 2022
fistula after pyloroplasty - a novel approach to the management of a leak following oesophagectomy. "fistula after pyloroplasty - a novel approach to the management of a leak following oesophagectomy.", by Richardson J, Richardson M, Nijjar R. fig7: A follow-up CT demonstrating no evidence of on-going leak from the pyloroplasty & A follow-up CT demonstrating the flanged T-tube satisfactorily plugging the hole through the anterior wall of the pyloroplasty...

Pyloroplasty is surgical treatment to expand the opening in the lower part of the stomach so that stomach contents can empty into the small intestinal tract. Makes a large surgical cut in your tummy to open the area; Cuts via several of the thickened muscular tissue so it ends up being broader; Closes the cut in a manner in which maintains the pylorus open. The pylorus is operated as explained above; Pyloroplasty is used to deal with difficulties in people with peptic ulcers or other stomach troubles that cause a blockage of the stomach opening.

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