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Queens School Of Inquiry

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Last Updated: 02 July 2021

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Queens School of Inquiry offers students in grades 6-12 challenging academic and lots of support. The school is designed as an early College Program, which starts in earnest in high school and culminates with 11-and 12-graders attending classes part-time at Queens College. Motivated students can amass up to two years ' worth of college credits by graduation. The school was designed around two ideas: inclusion and college culture. The majority of classes are co-taught by subject teacher as well as one certified in SPECIAL EDUCATION. High school students sit in hallways chatting and doing work before their classes on college campus and at QSI; they take seminars co-taught with guidance counselors on topics such as health and wellness. Middle school students take weeklong immersion course at Queens College to give them some exposure to college experience. Writing, research and projects are emphasize. Eighth-graders take Regents Algebra and Living Environment, which put them on track to tackle college level math and science before graduating from high school. Older students enjoy independence that comes with taking courses at Queens College. QSI uses a mastery approach to instruction. Teachers focus on students ' progress in specific skills rather than overall performance on assignment or exam. For instance, feedback on students ' research papers is broken down into skillsets such as steps taken to build their analysis, quality of their writing and understanding of content. Rather than letter or numeric grades, students are told whether for each skill they are performing above, at, approaching or below standard level. Students learn Spanish and take visual arts and drama, depending on grades. One downside: limited extra-curricular activities. For middle school students, there are lunch clubs and some after-School options. High school students can join sports teams, contribute to literary magazines and participate in clubs. QSI shares building with Robert F. Kennedy Community Middle School and PS Q255, District 75 Program For autistic children. Meredith Inbal became principal in 2010 after QSIs founding principal, Elizabeth Ophals, retire. Inbal taught 6 grade at school and was a member of its founding faculty. The school has a full-time College advisor. Rising seniors have the opportunity to travel abroad to European cities such as Paris, Barcelona, London, Florence and Rome as part of a study-abroad Program in partnership with Queens College. During their time abroad, students attend classes at local university in the morning and then spend the afternoon on organized excursions. SPECIAL EDUCATION: School has self-contain and ICT classes. This School also hosts an ASD Nest Program for children with autism spectrum disorder. Students with ASD learn in classroom alongside general EDUCATION students, taught by two teachers who have been trained in programs specializing in curriculum and teaching strategies. ADMISSIONS: For Middle School, priority to students zone for Robert F. Kennedy Community Middle School and then to other District 25 students. For high school, priority is given to continuing 8-graders and then to Queens students and residents.

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* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions

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