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Quick Assist Windows 7

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Last Updated: 19 January 2022

Quick Assist is a Windows application that enables an individual to share their device with another individual over a remote connection. Quick Assist interacts over port 443 and connects to the Remote Assistance Service by utilizing the Remote Desktop Protocol. After the sharer gets in the code in their Quick Assist app, Quick Assist uses that code to get in touch with the Remote Assistance Service and sign up with that specific session. The participant is prompted to verify permitting the assistant to share their desktop computer with the assistant. Quick Assist beginnings RDP control and links to the RDP Relay service. Assistance staff start Quick Assist in any one of a couple of ways: Type Quick Assist in the search box and press ENTER. The user gets in the offered code in the Code from assistant box, and after that chooses Share display. If among you is making use of Windows 7 or 8, you can use the older Windows Remote Assistance. Windows 10's new Quick Assist feature is most likely the most convenient way to get up and running, so as long as you're both making use of Windows 10 with the Anniversary Update installed, this is the alternative we recommend.

The remote reboot choice is made to reboot the remote computer and immediately return to the Quick Assist session without any more input.

On Windows 10, the Windows Remote Assistance tool is a little surprise. The individual that connects to your computer will require to open up the Windows Remote Assistance application on their computer and click the Help Someone Who Has Invited You option. The person who links will either need to click Use Easy Connect or Use an invite documents, depending on whether they have an invitation file or just an Easy Connect password.

Once the application has been downloaded, look your gadget for Quick Assist and select App setups. The Quick Assist symbol has a face-lift. You can additionally use Windows Remote Assistance and Easy Connect to provide and receive remote support.

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