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Last Updated: 04 May 2022
inactivation of hnrnp k by expanded intronic auucu repeat induces apoptosis via translocation of pkcdelta to mitochondria in spinocerebellar ataxia 10. "inactivation of hnrnp k by expanded intronic auucu repeat induces apoptosis via translocation of pkcdelta to mitochondria in spinocerebellar ataxia 10.", by White MC, Gao R, Xu W, Mandal SM, Lim JG, Hazra TK, Wakamiya M, Edwards SF, Raskin S, Teive HA, Zoghbi HY, Sarkar PS, Ashizawa T. pgen-1000984-g001: Expanded AUUCU transcripts form discrete aggregates.(A) FISH on SCA10 fibroblasts encoding ∼2,000 ATTCT repeats showing multiple, bright RNA aggregates (arrow) in the nuclei, nuclear boundary and cytoplasm. (B) FISH on normal control fibroblasts hybridized...

Repeats a command or group of commands over a range of worths along an axis. To use an approximate loop counter use/ RANGE=lo: hi: inc and additionally/ NAME=string to call the loop counter. Take into consideration placing the commands into a separate manuscript and call the script from the loop if your REPEAT loophole starts to get long. We can exit early from a REPEAT loop with the command EXIT/LOOP, quit implementation of that loop and go back to the degree in Ferret which executed the loophole. REPEAT/Z=300:0: -30 GO compz Executes the command documents compz. jnl at Z=300, Z=270,. , Z=0. REPEAT/L=1:250:5 GO set_up; CONTOUR sst; FRAME/file=sst 'l '. gif Repeats 3 commands execution of a GO manuscript, CONTOUR, and FRAME for every timestep defined. Repeats the asked for commands for the specified range of axis subscripts I, J, K, L, M, or N or axis coordinates X, Y, Z, T, E or F. Note that when T or F axis limits are specified as days, the units of increment are hrs. If LO is larger than HI and INC is positive, the loop is not implemented or if LO is less than HI and INC is unfavorable, the loophole is not implemented; if LO is bigger than HI and INC is not offered, the loophole executes from the smaller to the higher limit. Here we use the @MIN and @MAX improvements and the INT function to set the minimum and optimum for the range counter, and plot limit function computed using the range counter variable.

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