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dna2 drives processing and restart of reversed replication forks in human cells. "dna2 drives processing and restart of reversed replication forks in human cells.", by Thangavel S, Berti M, Levikova M, Pinto C, Gomathinayagam S, Vujanovic M, Zellweger R, Moore H, Lee EH, Hendrickson EA, Cejka P, Stewart S, Lopes M, Vindigni A. fig6: DNA2 resects reversed replication forks. (A) Electron micrograph of a partially single-stranded (left) and entirely double-stranded (right) reversed fork observed on genomic DNA upon HU-treatment. The black arrow points to the ssDNA region on...

To: Mick Spillane < [email protected] >, Steve Cocks < [email protected] >; Subject: Re: North to South Latitude axis in ASCII information documents; From: Ansley Manke < [email protected] >; Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2001 10:09:53 -0800; Cc: [email protected]; References: < Pine, GSO. 4. 33. 0112120946540. [email protected] pmel. noaa. gov > Sender: [email protected] I just wish to mention another method-- write a NetCDF documents, and apply the USE/ORDER qualifer to repeat the data and show the reversed axis. In Mick's example, once the reversed data read in, we might SAVE the data to a NetCDF data, and after that review it back in with USE/ORDER=X-Y to suggest that the Y axis is reversed. def axis/y=59. 5:49. 5:1/ systems=degrees_north yfer def axis/x=348. 5:362. 5/ npoints=15/units=degrees_east xfer def grid/x=xfer/y=yfer gin file/form=/ col=15/ord=xy/g=gin/var=v test. file fill/lev= v. ! Mick Spillane wrote: In the situation of information input by means of netCDF files this is not much of a trouble. The axis order can be defined in either direction and Ferret will read it and convert axes and data constantly to its favored order. now make a grid to repeat the NORTH to SOUTH data. def axis/x=1:15:1 xin; def axis/y=1:13:1 yin def grid/x=xin/y=yin gin file/form=/ col=15/ord=xy/g=gin/var=v test. file! after that define the tasting to fix it. let yr=14-y [ g=gin] let virtual reality=samplej! now we require to assign the remedied information to the geographic grid. Access the etopo60 data again and validate that all is well use etopo60; contour/over/lev= climbed. Using the SAMPLEI function one can handle an input ASCII file that was gotten EAST to WEST, and most likely SAMPLEIJ could offer to fix data where both axes were non-ferret-preferred. Referrals: North to South Latitude axis in ASCII data file; From: Mick Spillane; Previous by thread: North to South Latitude axis in ASCII data documents; Next by thread: plot_swath troubles.

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