Rabies Vaccine

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adverse reactions from consumption of oral rabies vaccine baits in dogs in finland "adverse reactions from consumption of oral rabies vaccine baits in dogs in finland", by . Fig1: The oral rabies vaccine bait and the PVC/aluminium sachet...

RabAvert Rabies Vaccine created by GlaxoSmithKline GmbH for Bavarian Nordic A/S is a clean and sterile, freeze-dried vaccine gotten by growing the fixed-virus pressure Flury Low Egg Passage in primary societies of chicken fibroblasts. The strain Flury LEP was acquired from American Type Culture Collection as the 59th egg passage. One dose of reconstituted vaccine contains 12 mg polygeline, 0. 3 mg human product albumin, 1 mg potassium glutamate, and 0. 3 mg sodium EDTA. Small quantities of bovine serum are used in the cell society procedure. Marginal amounts of poultry protein may exist in the last item; ovalbumin web content is 3 ng/dose, based on ELISA. The vaccine consists of no preservative and should be used immediately after reconstitution with the supplied Sterile Diluent for RabAvert. The strength of 1 dosage of RabAvert goes to at least 2. 5 IU of rabies antigen. RabAvert is a white, freeze-dried vaccine for reconstitution with the diluent before use; the reconstituted vaccine is a clear to slightly opalescent, colorless to somewhat pink suspension.

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