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Last Updated: 05 May 2022
patient prepared for radiation therapy "patient prepared for radiation therapy", by Rhoda Baer (Photographer). A Caucasian female radiation therapist prepares a patient (lying on back) for radiation treatment using the "TomoTherapy" machine. Tomotherapy is often used for patients with limited metastatic cancer. It delivers high-dose radiation yet reduces radiation...

Radiation is energy that takes a trip in the type of waves or bits and belongs to our daily environment. Ionizing radiation is a type of energy released by atoms that takes a trip in the type of electromagnetic waves or particles. Ionizing radiation can eliminate electrons from the atoms, i. e In terms of all-natural radiation resources, there are greater than 60 different normally taking place radioactive materials present in the environment, with radon gas being the greatest contributor to people's exposure. Artificial radiation sources are used for nuclear power generation and many other commercial and research applications, with the medical use of ionizing radiation being today the highest possible contributor to people's exposure. All forms of ionizing radiation have enough energy to ionize atoms that may undercut molecules within cells and lead to tissue damages. The two types of ionizing radiation are electro-magnetic and particulate radiation. For details about emergency situations involving ionizing radiation exposures, visit OSHA's Radiation Emergency Preparedness and Response web page. The most familiar form of electro-magnetic radiation is sunlight, which provides light and warm. Lasers additionally send out EM radiation in these "optical regularities. " Radioactive components emit ionizing radiation as their atoms undergo radioactive decay. The ionizing radiation that is produced can include alpha particlesalpha particlesA form of particle ionizing radiation comprised of two neutrons and two protons. EPA's objective in radiation security is to shield human health and the environment from the ionizing radiation that originates from human use of contaminated components.

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