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Radon is a naturally taking place contaminated gas that is odor-free and unappetizing. Radon originates from the all-natural decay of uranium or thorium, elements found in rocks, dirts, and water. Radon breaks down rapidly, emitting radioactive bits. When breathed in, these contaminated bits can harm cells that line the lung. Radon gas remains in virtually all exterior air yet usually at low degrees. Radon is additionally found in water. A higher radon degree in the water is more likely when the source is ground water, such as from an exclusive well. Most public water supplies are sourced from surface area water, such as storage tanks, lakes, and rivers. Scientists concur that radon causes lung cancer in human beings. Being revealed to radon for a lengthy period of time can lead to lung cancer. In the U. S, radon exposure is the second leading source of lung cancer after cigarette smoking cigarettes. Exposure to the combination of radon gas and cigarette smoke develops an even greater chance of developing lung cancer. Most of radon-related cancer deaths occur among smokers. It is estimated that about 10% of radon-related cancer fatalities occur among nonsmokers.

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