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medpix case - reactive thymus "medpix case - reactive thymus", by Author: Bryan J Stevens (Tripler Army Medical Center); Approved By: James G. Smirniotopoulos (George Washington University Hospital);. FINDINGS: There is no free air under the diaphragm. The trachea is midline. There is obscuration of the contours of the mediastinum and cardiac silhouette. The bilateral heart borders are less distinct than on previous...

React is used to stop maternity after unsafe sex or failure of other forms of contraception. React will not end maternity if the fed egg has already connected to the womb. Specific other medicines can make levonorgestrel less efficient. Do not use this medicine if you are currently pregnant. You should not use levonorgestrel if you dislike it. If you routinely use medication for seizures, tuberculosis, or HIV/AIDS, ask a physician or pharmacologist before taking levonorgestrel. Particular medicines can make levonorgestrel less reliable as an emergency type of contraception. Levonorgestrel might slow down breast milk production. Call your physician right away if you vomit within 2 hours after taking React. If you are pregnant, get a maternity test and call your medical professional. React will not end maternity if the fed egg has connected to the womb. Within 3 weeks after taking React, a doctor needs to confirm that you are not pregnant, which this medicine has not created any harmful results.

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