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recombinant dna "recombinant dna", by Linda Bartlett (Photographer). A culture medium and the hands of a technician. In this recombinant DNA technology, the thymidine kinase gene of herpes simplex virus is being cloned in bacteria. Those bacteria that have incorporated the gene are...

AFSTYLA is a single-chain recombinant Factor VIII produced in chinese hamster ovary cells. It is a construct where the B-domain occurring in wild type unabridged Factor VIII has been abbreviated and 4 amino acids of the surrounding acidic a3 domain were removed. AFSTYLA is revealed as a single-chain Factor VIII particle with covalent linkage between heavy and light chains; thereby keeping the molecule in the single-chain kind resulting in increased security and increased von Willebrand Factor affinity. AFSTYLA is readily available in single-dose vials including the classified quantity of Factor VIII task, revealed in IU. The number of units of Factor VIII provided is revealed in IU, which relate to the present WHO basic for Factor VIII products. One IU of Factor VIII activity in plasma is equal to that amount of Factor VIII in 1 mL of normal plasma. Aspect VIII task in plasma is shared either as a portion or in IU.

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