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Last Updated: 25 May 2022
perception of red eye among senior secondary students in sagamu, southwest nigeria. "perception of red eye among senior secondary students in sagamu, southwest nigeria.", by Bodunde OT, Sholeye OO, Onabolu OO, Otulana TO, Ajibode HA. F3: Can red eye lead to blindness?...

A red eye can be disconcerting, yet is usually just a sign of a minor eye condition. See your GP for suggestions if your red eye doesn't start to improve after a couple of days. Call your GP or general practitioner out of hours service immediately, or go to your nearest emergency situation division, if: you have a painful red eye; you have other symptoms, including reduced vision, sensitivity to light, an extreme headache and feeling sick; you recently wounded your eye, particularly if something has punctured your eye. One of the most likely root causes of a pain-free red eye are small issues such as conjunctivitis or a ruptured blood vessel. This is the thin layer of tissue covering the eyeball and internal surface areas of the eyelids. This causes the capillary on the eye to swell, making one or both eyes look bloodshot and feel abrasive. Stressing, coughing or harming your eye can sometimes cause a blood vessel to rupture on the eye surface area.

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