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Last Updated: 07 May 2022

We've entered the pet dog days of summer throughout the United States which, in addition to continued summertime warm, comes a climatological increase in hurricane task in the Tropical Atlantic Ocean. The August 2020 outlook prefers hotter-than-average temperatures along both coasts, while exotic wetness is likely to lead to a wetter-than-average August along the East Coast. Read on to discover out more about the August 2020 outlook for temperature and precipitation from NOAA's Climate Prediction. The monthly overviews from the Climate Prediction Center, significantly, are not forecasts for the real temperatures or precipitation quantities on a provided day in August. They simply provide the possibility that August rainfall or temperature level at any location will be in the upper, middle or lower third of the climatological record for August. Rather, the tilt in the probabilities in the direction of a hotter-than-average August lie over both the western and eastern United States, with the greatest probabilities located throughout the desert Southwest in Arizona and New Mexico. This wetness is among the factors why scientists anticipate temperatures to be low-grade.

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