Remington Model 870

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Last Updated: 22 October 2021

The Remington Model 870 Pump-Action Shotgun is one of the most proven weapon styles in background. The 870 Express is a sturdy, value-priced workhorse, making it among one of the most valuable tools that a shooter can own.

Sling swivel studs offer the fast attachment of a sling to free the individual's hands while lugging the gun. A resilient, rubber recoil pad wets recoil and assists the shooter to remain on target for quick follow-up shots.

18-1/2 barrel has taken care of cylinder choke; Twin action bars prevent binding and turning; Durable, rubber recoil pad moistens recoil.

High quality, as the old Ford ads used to state, needs to be Job One at the new Remington manufacturing facility. There should be Wingmasters in all 4 evaluates, and possibly a 16, too, if RemArms desires to most likely to the cost of developing a real 16 scale receiver as opposed to sticking a 16-gauge on a 12-gauge structure. Beretta and Benelli can make plastic-stocked guns that look good. The low point needed to be the bright-green VersaMax Zombie weapon, but neither the VersaMax neither the V3 has ever before looked anywhere near as cool as the competition's semi-autos. Most of us overcame the discontinuation of the Browning Auto 5 after virtually 100 years, and the 1100 has had a 50-plus year run.

Largely a target weapon, the 3200 had a gliding leading lock activity like the premium Krieghoff K-32 and K-80, and there were magnum searching models, too. Remington purchased Parker in 1934 and stopped making the timeless double guns in 1942. The barrel has an air vent rib and a bead view, and uses basic Rem Choke screw-in choke tubes.

Versatile, no-nonsense shotgun; Synthetic buttstock and lower arm; Matte surface receiver and barrel; Vent rib with grain sight; Solid steel receiver; Twin action bars; Standard Rem Choke.

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