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endoscope reprocessing: update on controversial issues. "endoscope reprocessing: update on controversial issues.", by Choi HH, Cho YS. F1: Correct endoscope storage after reprocessing. Endoscopes are hung vertically in a clean, well-ventilated cabinet without caps, valves, and other detachable components to facilitate drying....

Reprocessing refers normally to the processes used to divide spent nuclear reactor fuel into nuclear materials that might be reused for use in new fuel and material that would be discarded as waste. In mid-2008, 2 nuclear industry business educated the agency of their intent to look for a license for a reprocessing facility in the U. S. An additional business expressed its assistance for upgrading the regulative structure for reprocessing, but cut short of mentioning its intent to look for a certificate for such a facility. At the time, the personnel kept in mind that progress on some Global Nuclear Energy Partnership initiatives had subsided and it showed up proper to shift the emphasis of the staff's initiatives from specific GNEP-facility policies to a more broadly suitable structure for commercial reprocessing centers. Governing Timeline 2006, Global Nuclear Energy Partnership effort introduced, with the goal of establishing residential reprocessing and heater reactor ability and take-back of invested fuel from foreign countries. 2007/2008, Congress reduced GNEP moneying 2009, Domestic aspect of GNEP finished, however DOE moved in advance with reprocessing r & d. Industry stayed thinking about residential reprocessing 2008, 2013, NRC got letters from four companies supporting upgrade of the reprocessing regulative structure 2009, NRC performed a void analysis of the reprocessing regulation for broadening 10 CFR Part 70. 2016, NRC put on hold work with Part 7x rulemaking as a result of budgetary constraints and evident lack of market interest in creating and operating a commercial invested fuel reprocessing facility in the United States 2020, NRC held a public conference on March 4 to acquire stakeholder input on the level of passion in building, operating, and accrediting a spent fuel reprocessing center.

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