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Last Updated: 05 May 2022
nci research project grants funding and r01 paylines "nci research project grants funding and r01 paylines", by . This graph shows the NCI paylines and success rates for NCI R01 applications by fiscal year (FY). This image is part of the NCI Annual Plan and Budget Proposal FY 2023. This image is part...

The NIH Research Project Grant supports a discrete, defined, circumscribed project in areas representing the specific interests and competencies of the private investigator. The suggested project must be connected to the programmatic passions of one or more of the taking part NIH Institutes and Centers based on their scientific objectives. Applicants need to keep in mind that some ICs only approve applications suggesting mechanistic research studies that meet NIH's interpretation of a medical test via this financing chance news. Complete Announcement: PA-20-183 Related Notices or Announcements: NOT-HD-21-019; NOT-AI-21-037; NOT-EB-21-005; NOT-EB-21-003; NOT-DK-21-004; NOT-OD-20-171; NOT-AR-21-009 NOT-MH-20-105; NOT-HL-20-015; NOT-GM-20-046; NOT-DC-20-009; NOT-HL-19-690; NOT-MH-19-006; NOT-NS-18-011. All types of non-AIDS applications permitted this funding chance statement are due on the noted date.

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