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age differences in neural response to stereotype threat and resiliency for self-referenced information. "age differences in neural response to stereotype threat and resiliency for self-referenced information.", by Colton G, Leshikar ED, Gutchess AH. F2: Threat > Resiliency, Older adults > Younger adults. Threshold – p < 0.001, uncorrected, five contiguous voxels. Regions in which the activation for threatening trials (defined as positive denials and negative endorsements) was greater...

The National Park Service maintains some of the most legendary buildings and monoliths in the United States, much of which are located in areas prone to the impacts of climate change. Background The Sustainable Operations and Maintenance Branch of the NPS Park Facility Management Division ensures that parks take into consideration the results of climate change and prepare for climate change resiliency prior to building, remodeling, or making substantial funding investments into company centers. To do so, SOMB, in partnership with other NPS workplaces such as the Climate Change Response Program, provides ingenious assistance, tools, and resources to aid park organizers in determining the risks presented by climate change. Changes in rainfall patterns; Rising temperature levels; Sea level rise; Stronger, more extreme typhoons; Longer frost-free season; More constant droughts and warm front; Melting glaciers; Exposure: Extent to which something lies in an area experiencing direct climate change effects or indirect climate change impacts. Sensitivity: How something is affected when exposed to an effect of climate change. Assess the level of sensitivity of a park's possessions to assess just how it will be affected when exposed to seaside risks and climate change effects. Relocate the asset to an area less likely to experience seaside risk effects. Reduce the possibility of damage by securing the property with an engineered structure or landscape modifications. Downgrade the engineering of assets to decrease reconstructing prices after damages and offer greater adaptability for replacement; for example, a paved parking great deal at a seaside might be replaced with a shell material lot. Energy audits; Renewable energy evaluations; Transportation/fleet assessments; Resilience researches; Continuity of procedures strategies; Utility info; Climate Change; Cultural Resources Adaptation; Coastal Adaptation; Adaptation Resources.

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