Respite Care

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Last Updated: 05 May 2022

Respite care is a special name for a short-term break for caretakers. That's where respite care can aid. Respite care can take place: In your home; At special day-care centers; In property centers that use over night keeps. Your breaks can be short or as long as you require them to be. Someone who has a health problem or special needs may need care all the time. You might use respite care if you're in charge of somebody who has a problem like: Cancer; A brain injury; Alzheimer's disease or dementia; A stroke; Blindness. Respite care supplies a safe, comfy place for your enjoyed one while you're away. Trained providers can chat and sit with somebody that's sick or disabled. You can also select group respite care. Someone that's elderly or ill may really feel isolated if they're at home at all times. Caretakers can feel isolated, too. Respite care may be a welcome break for both of you.

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