Restoration Ecology

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Last Updated: 24 April 2022

Restoration of eco-friendly systems in wildland areas frequently involves recovering varieties to environments weakened by invasive plant and animal varieties. To gain understanding of why particular types are so invasive in Hawai i, which will assist managers better forecast which newly introduced varieties are likely to become problematic over time. Third, to recognize the influences of invasive varieties, and their relative importance, such that managers know which effects are essential to mitigate before trying native plant re-establishment. We examined the differences in functional traits of invasive types and the resident species in the communities that they inhabit in Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park, USA throughout a temperature and precipitation gradient. Some common intruders, including Morella faya and Psidium cattleianum inhabit a comparable trait space as resident communities across the environmental slope while others, including Hedychium gardnerianum and Melinis minutiflora occupy very different trait rooms than the resident communities which they invade. Especially, the intruders that inhabit the same trait space as resident species are found throughout a greater size of the environmental slope than other, more specialized, invasive types. In addition, the generalist intruders presented greater intraspecific trait plasticity, recommending that invaders with a high degree of trait plasticity rely on health and fitness distinctions to attack more than the specialized intruders, which rely more on particular niche distinctions. We used a trait based technique, comparing qualities in between intruders and resident varieties, to inform whether extremely invasive varieties originally get into communities by making use of empty specific niches or if successful invaders have a tendency to rely on fitness differences to invade communities.

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