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Last Updated: 05 May 2022
medpix case - retinitis pigmentosa "medpix case - retinitis pigmentosa", by Original Source: Herb Fechter, M.D., WRAMC Ophthalmology; Author: Aaron M Betts (Uniformed Services University); Approved By: Thomas P Ward (Uniformed Services University);. This photograph of the posterior pole shows the triad of bone spicule pigmentation, waxy pallor of the optic disc, and marked arteriolar attenuation....

Retinitis is a disease that intimidates vision by harming the retina-- the light-sensing tissue at the rear of your eye. This is a group of genetic eye diseases you inherit from one or both parents. Some examples of RP and related diseases: Usher syndrome; Leber's hereditary amaurosis; Rod-cone disease; Bardet-Biedl disorder. When a herpes virus is reactivated in people with weak body immune systems, it can cause retinitis. Symptoms of RP. You're probably to get a diagnosis of RP as a teen or young adult. Vision loss is slow-moving, and the rate of vision change differs from one person to another. Later RP symptoms: Loss of side vision, leading to tunnel vision-- like browsing a straw. Occasionally you lose central vision. This loss of central vision also influences shade vision. Symptoms of CMV retinitis. In early stages, CMV retinitis causes no symptoms. Equally as with RP, symptoms might occur first with central vision.

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