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Last Updated: 04 May 2022
retinoblastoma "retinoblastoma", by NCI (Artist). Close-up photograph showing the eyes of a child with retinoblastoma. The pupil of the eye on the left side of the photo appears white compared to the pupil of the eye on the right side...

Retinoblastoma is unusual eye cancer that forms in the retina. Retinoblastoma is most common in children more youthful than age 5, yet in uncommon cases it can develop in older children and adults. Very early medical diagnosis and therapy can help avoid vision loss and quit the cancer from dispersing. When a light lusters into the eye, the most common sign of retinoblastoma is a white student. Any child can develop retinoblastoma, yet children are at higher risk for retinoblastoma if another member of the family had it. Retinoblastoma happens when changes in a gene cause retina cells to become a tumor. One of the most common first sign of retinoblastoma is a visible whiteness in the pupil called "pet cat's eye response" or leukocoria. Other symptoms and signs of retinoblastoma consist of gone across eyes or eyes that do not direct in the same direction, which can cause squinting; a change in the color of the tinted part of the eye; inflammation, discomfort, or swelling of the eyelids; and blindness or bad vision in the affected eye or eyes. Throughout the beginning of a child's advancement, retinal eye cells grow very quickly and then quit expanding.

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