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Richmond vegetarian Sausages

Summarized by Plex Health
Last Updated: 15 April 2022

Richmond's first ever meat-free sausages are now available in supermarkets around the region, offering a healthier alternative to the traditional meat sausages for those on vegetarian and vegan diets. Richmond's new sausages are now available at a RRP of £2. 50 for a pack of eight. Unsurprisingly, supermarkets have embraced the trend toward plant-based diets with a larger variety of meat alternatives in stores. Beyond Meat, a US firm, and Iceland recently unveiled a brand new No Porkies frozen 'bake from home' vegan sausage roll, and Beyond Meat, a US firm, announced in September that they would be delivering their new Beyond Sausage product to Tesco stores around the country. Consumers in the United Kingdom were asked to identify why they should try a plant-based food, with 44% citing cost as a determining factor, and only one out of four identifying environmental causes. The Kerry Group's brand is a top pick for many meat eaters, and the company has confirmed its move into the meat alternative market to meet unprecedented demand. From this month, vegan bangers will be available in UK supermarkets at £2. 50 per pack of eights. We're positive that people will love our meat free sausages as much as our main ranges, making this a must-stock for retailers looking to appeal to families eager to try something new in their weekly store. Read: Kroger introduces a vegan meat aisle Is it beneficial for brands to sell vegan products in the meat aisle? According to PETA, more deaths are likely to follow as horses used for racing generally die of broken backs or are killed after suffering broken legs.

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