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Rob Costlow

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Last Updated: 14 November 2020

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Rob Costlow


WOW Rob, 'Meant to Be' has just made hairs on my arm stand on end. How wonderful that you haven't succumbed to doing cheesy cover. Or that you're happy enough to allow your music to stand up on its own two feet without any accompaniment. I am VERY impressed. Podcast Paul It's nice to hear something different, and though I'm not what one might consider a new age fan, your influences give you greater depth, and roundness that translates into something I can listen to, and enjoy. I can't stand music that bores me, and yours does not. Garland T wonderfully creative and inventive piano work. Zoe Montana, Rob Costlow are one of the best new solo pianists that I have heard in years. Steve Parente, as someone not familiar with instrumental music, I was surprised to find such an enjoyable and thought provoking experience. Well, I'm Rob Costlow fan after hearing about Sophomore Jinx through a friend. I find his music relaxing, inspiring and nostalgic. I'm looking forward to his next album. Dan Keller I just want to say that I found your track on my phone-absolutely stunning. I then searched for your website and realized you are a talented man. Beautiful music with so much emotion! I have never email anyone about their music, but you truly deserve praise and what's two minutes out of my life when you have spent your time composing some wonderful pieces. Fan I have never once written to a musician, or any form of artist that I do not have some direct social connection to. However, your music has compelled me to write a VERY brief message just to let you know how truly amazing and inspiring your music is. I have listened to enormous varieties of music, and perform on a smaller scale in number of choirs, rock bands, etc. I mention this because you play only one instrument with only one set of hands. This astounds me because your music has more feelings and more emotion than what many hands or voices could ever create for many other music groups. So, I just think I'd write a small thank you for doing what you do, because the world needs music worth listening to. Fan, before I write to you my big thank you, I want to explain how I come to your music. I was learning and working for my university. After hours of work, I search the Internet to stimulate my head for more creativeness. After a few minutes, I get to your music. And normally, piano music isn't my style. But I listen to your beautiful tones and after the first song I try your whole album. The result was that I finished my homework and got a really great grade. So, I really want to say: Kiitos! Thank you! Danke! Merci! Gracias usted! Grazie! Fan when people hear the phrase, work of art, people generally imagine painting or sculpture.

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* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions

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