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Roger Xh271

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Last Updated: 18 November 2020

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X SATURDAY, MARCH 22 1997 STATESMAN JOURNAL 11F RI U Ekk G222 DOB MILES CHEV-CEO J001 W. Nwbtg Hwy, F xH 271 Off 1-6 Woodbum, OR-TOO-76-MILES CASCADE CHEVROLET Stoylon Sublimity Exit Off Hwy22 399-0123 CASCADE CHEVROLET Sfayton Sublimity ExH Off Hwy22 399-0123 LARRY LASSEN CHEV L-10 Albany tilt UI AT! TRUCK Sop on Hwy 30 926-423ol-800 o34-5713 I CAN jCars Tf PI Tf 4d1mtvv. Lat0hla'eiw CHRYSLER IMPERIAL '90 mMt, MINOR worj, grandma's CAR! DODGE OMNI '80 tjk'mn,? 3-UI, 900 ' e0k M. I BE & amp; AT, 4 cyl. 000 Obo. J1? 2! 1l32122?. 5 whistles, alwaye Garage RUN GOOD. 769-4943 CHEV CELEBRITY '89 4 DR, Champagne W Leather V8. AT, PS, AC, 41 K, CC. Trim. NEW TIRES 4 Brakes. 4495 463-0236 9 160 Obo 363-663 DQOSE STRATUM CHIV CITATION '80 471 CHRYSLER LE BARONBfi J. ' V SAbrT, '-: '96 SEDAN eng. Runa EX 375-2264 dlr ACi wti crus9i ca8BO9 vfciinil CHEV CITATION '81 2DR ALL SERVICE record, SINCE AlltO, SIT. D, Widow. V6, Automatic. 391-7671 '86, NICE CAR, reliable, II, V MDnnZc Dir. 1008 12, Salem 119K, 2500. Call Dave P. I0CKS. P2925. CHEV CORSICA-M. 3. 1 V6. 370-7027 3 ggy 1-I {matheq}g495' 393-"741 WtAmmsbssm 1996 CHEV CORSICA TWW, ' 800WN lfctl !o?.5mor.AT{endmatheq} 7. 9A9C8. Abs' G. 'MoOQ8 0 PS: 1998 CHEV LUMIM SIS TOraSW' cTl oa cru'e Iap8 transpo wgreat GAS mile-AUTO CREDIT Assistance? 11'aao' ago 950 581-2748 EZ approvall rytel's OF IllMlimiUTT DODGE DAYTON '88 ' SALEMV. 1-800 USED CAR. Vilm MrioS. 1! Roup conrouw CL G: IlIaia3c9H I aj's AUTO Repair 1858,. 'o. Sop'l. 1S2ZBVti & amp; W Plasty '89 VJEtftiRTKTm Burgundy WITH stripes, 2950 HOT Color, around effects, V8 load VERY NICE FORD, CROWN Vic'88 NEW ggg54ttc67t2170'180; Silverton AS 871-4279 TS & amp; SShSlg-: CHEV LUMINA '93 DODGE DYNASTY '89 4 DOOR, 3. 1 V6, AUTO, AC, Automatic, Air, Full Power I,.-,.-,. Tilt, cruise, cassette, P. Incl. Windows, DOOR locks, '94 CROWN VICTORIA windows, locks. Great cruise & amp; MORE. ONLY 4-D00R alu8a' 3 977 stk4082-D. V-8, AUTO, 7 977 stf BI1VI load of LOW fBIIVl rllWL MILES, Super sharp. UirllUL eue 13 988 PeeJQeW 13 A. Mcaiichrist Offer END 32397. 13 Mcaiichrit 381-8608 License, Title & amp; doc. Ei-8608, ees not Include. RRinFUtf I load, s'ltum, ilOTlJiil K; Sum FOOD 4430: AT, AC, stereo, W-saaam W: Tu.? 0t NE Polk STATION Oallai & amp; MORE. ONLY XJ wlu'invt'c 6J3 8361 Salem 5813105-15 998 or 367. 701110 WTX WESaZSaS-A OPEN Evenings and SUNDAY 0 Down, 4. 8 OAC, 48 1-800-OWN-JCEP 8 ' MO. FINANCING. 1 tfi W I! I ML HF I NEED EASY, QUICK FINANCING? MMm AYIMBEE MOTORS mMmU3l-LI, 't-TI WE CARRY OUR OWN CONTRACTS 615 HI6H MI 862-0703 1320 BflODWY HI 375-9548 CHEV Maiibu '7s, V-8, AT, 1334 PSHB TrtUUOERBlHD LE lioanrucvriuinn 7 CHEAP, 777. SAW AUTO ll9tf, lMther.-8. 38. 1980 CH HU 590 Adventures 363-301 1 079 nilM, antra ales '12 500 gso TOYOTA WAGON 899 CHEV MONTE CARLO 77 ffiSSgX 1985 FORD LTD SEDAN. 1099 IT's Mora's CAR. MUST. OMNI, iikss. '12 500 19i5sUMMa, Wfi, M See! 80flobo. 588-5527 A, swlfT issscoltwagon 2999 CTHPMsrcEpCsARALTC7C8; F lrr-, t9M tSBICHEVBUZER 3999 WBX & amp; igSAa 1975 FORD X-CAB PU. '2999 Chevy 'cavalier RS '91 JlrZ 1965WBUG-1499 4 DR, exc.

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* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions

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