Role-Based Access Control

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Last Updated: 07 May 2022

In the area of Geospatial SOA this job developed Best Practices for role-based access control. This effort is very important due to the fact that Geospatial SOA based on OGC and other standards are strongly influencing development of the Federal Enterprise Architecture Geospatial Profile, specifically information access and upgrade. Actually, companies like USACE that are thinking about participation in the NSDI need to take into consideration how they can develop dispersed safety and security structures for role-based access control to SOA resources. These needs will continue to increase as data access transitions into data management with solutions like GeoSynchronization and Web Feature Server- Transactional where freely affiliated events collaborate on upkeep of shared geospatial information resources. The lack of such controls has compelled data providers to adopt information sub-setting strategies to separate access to geospatial information based on various projects, users, groups of users, and so on. Such methods have been proven to add equipment, application, maintenance and software costs for companies releasing their OGC-based Spatial Data Infrastructure solutions on standalone servers or cloud computing platforms. With this technique Authentication solutions can provide access control on a user-by-user basis. In specific, this Best Practice for Role-based Access Control adopted the ideology of utilizing Authentication approaches defined by IT industry-wide efforts and focused on specifying multiple-use SDI Access Control Rules for giving access to OGC services by role, geographical level, feature and SDI procedures. This approach adds substantial new capability for releasing service parts by allowing organizations to optimize information services and lower costs. GISciences 2008 SOA Workshop, Park City, Utah PowerPoint Presentation Project Introduction Presentation.

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