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Last Updated: 29 November 2020

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At least one of his boyhood dreams came true when he won gold medal-for shot put-in wheelchair Olympics. He also works hard to help remove barriers for others with physical challenges. After the movie is over, the movie shows what players and coaches do after the season. The movie is right about stating Gerry Bertier is leader in the handicap community and inspires many people in the same situation. He won gold medal in the shot-put competition. Bill Shankly is arguably the most famous figure in Liverpool Football Club's illustrious history. A Charismatic man who realise his dream of turning us into English Football's most dominant force, Scot's spirit has quite rightly been immortalise in the very foundations of our Club. His name is synonymous with the very meaning of 'Liverpool way' and it is his legacy that has seen us go on and conquer Europe on no fewer than five occasions, while monopolising domestic game for over two decades. And yet, such glory was way beyond even the most optimistic Kopites' dreams when Shanks was appointed Liverpool's ninth manager on December 1 1959. As the final whistle blew on his first match in charge 18 days later, this was my first year of soccer all over again. Except this time I would come up with excuses so I wouldnt have to run, or to get out of workouts. I would even come up with fake injuries to get out of workouts. I was that one member of the team that everyone worried about when they were put into the game. I was that bad. Cristiano Ronaldo: Man behind the name Cristiano Ronaldo, host of 2013 Fifa Ballon dOr announces the world's best football player. He received a standing ovation from the crowd as he went on stage to receive award for the second time. With over 100 million likes on Facebook, many of them in Asia, he is a worldwide phenomenon undoubtedly. Hundreds of millions around the world love him. Real Madrid fans, Manchester United fans, football fans, other athletes and, of course, girls in Hong Kong-idolize this man. I bat like no other, hitting tee, instead of ball, with the force of an army tank, and although my status line for tee-hits was off the charts, this tragic tendency ended my career as a potential baseball player. I might have just quit sports altogether, but luckily, I still had opportunities as a soccer and basketball player. In soccer, I was the star of my team, scoring goals every game and breaking my opponents ' ankles.

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* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions

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