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rosuvastatin counteracts vessel arterialisation and sinusoid capillarisation, reduces tumour growth, and prolongs survival in murine hepatocellular carcinoma. "rosuvastatin counteracts vessel arterialisation and sinusoid capillarisation, reduces tumour growth, and prolongs survival in murine hepatocellular carcinoma.", by Tijeras-Raballand A, Hainaud-Hakim P, Contreres JO, Gest C, Le Henaff C, Levy BI, Pocard M, Soria C, Dupuy E. fig3: Rosuvastatin prevents sinusoid capillarisation in HCC livers. (a) Representative images of laminin immunostaining in normal livers (N, n = 4), untreated HCC, and rosuvastatin-treated HCC livers (n = 4/group) at 16 weeks. Laminin was...

Rosuvastatin is used along with diet plan to lower blood degrees of "bad" cholesterol, to increase degrees of "great" cholesterol, and to lower triglycerides. Rosuvastatin is also used to deal with genetic types of high cholesterol: The homozygous type or the heterozygous type. Crestor is also used to lower the risk of stroke, cardiovascular disease, and other issues in men 50 years and older or women 60 years and older who have coronary heart problem or other risk factors. Rosuvastatin might also be used for objectives not provided in this medication overview. People of Asian descent might take in rosuvastatin at a higher rate than other people. High cholesterol usually has no symptoms. Rosuvastatin is used to lower cholesterol if you have been diagnosed with high blood cholesterol. Your doctor might additionally prescribe rosuvastatin if you have diabetics issues, kidney disease, or a family background of rheumatoid arthritis or heart disease. Rosuvastatin can make you really feel lightheaded. If you get any unexplained muscle pains and discomforts, tenderness or weakness, talk to a doctor right away. Keep taking rosuvastatin even if you really feel well, as you'll still be getting the benefits. If you're pregnant or attempting to get pregnant, do not take rosuvastatin. It is also used to deal with adults who can not manage their cholesterol degrees by diet plan and workout alone. Rosuvastatin might assist slow down or avoid down medical problems, like atherosclerosis, that are triggered by fats obstructing the blood vessels. It may also be used to stop specific types of heart and capillary issues in patients with risk variables for heart problems. Rosuvastatin comes from a group of medications called HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors, or statins. This medicine is readily available only with your medical professional's prescription.

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