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Rush Limbaugh Addiction

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Last Updated: 02 July 2021

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There was a strange collision last week at the intersection of three medium highways. There was Rush Limbaugh, venomous talk - show titan of a syndicate of 600 radio stations, being out as a drug addict by supermarket tabloid, National Enquirer, just as his race - base reflections on Black quarterback were forcing him to resign from his TV analyst gig on ESPN. In beginning, it was easier for Limbaugh to talk about being racist than being a drug addict. After all, he seldom misses an opportunity to vilify drug users on his show or urge their immediate incarceration. Then, last Friday, he went on air to tell his 20 million radio listeners that he was, in fact, addicted to prescription painkillers he had begun using years ago to treat bad back. What brought Limbaugh to this very public crossroads is what brought most addicts out into the open. Mainstream media outlets confirmed what the Enquirer first report, that Florida prosecutors had opened an investigation. It seemed Limbaugh's former housekeeper went to law - enforcement authorities, wear wire and turned him in, claiming she and the talk - show host would meet in Denny's parking lot in Palm Beach, Fla. Limbaugh would allegedly roll down the window of his Mercedes, hand over a cigar box full of cash in return for Baggie full of pills that include OxyContin, opiate derivative that is powerful painkiller and highly addictive. Limbaugh will only say inaccuracies and distortions in what has been reported will be clarified later. Right now he is away on his sixth day of a 30 - day rehabilitation program. A few weeks ago I wrote about accompanying Chicago Police as they bust drug dealers and drug buyers on Chicago's West Side. Just about every day, for months now, Chicago Police tactical officers have been saturating the area around Harrison and Kedzie. Police, in targeting drug customers as well as drug sellers, are trying to attack demand as well as supply, hoping in process to reduce violence that surrounds open - air heroin and cocaine markets. What's difference between Rush Limbaugh and those buyers busted by Chicago Police? Lot, I suppose, if you simply see him as another famous person who has found his way into o, how mighty have fall category, or if you make an argument that addiction to prescription drugs initially taken under doctor's care is different from buying illegal drugs on the street, or if you see Limbaugh, who make estimate 30 million year, as somehow different from lower - and middle - class mosaic of Drug buyers on West Side. But in the end, what's difference really? Peel away niceties of heroin versus prescription drugs, poor versus rich, and it's all the same, says Michael Darcy. Darcy knows about addiction. As a kid in New York City, he was hooked at the age of 16 on alcohol and drugs, using everything from marijuana to cough syrup. It was Darcy's probation officer who pushed him into two years of treatment.

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* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions

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