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Last Updated: 06 May 2022

USAID Sustainable HIV and Tuberculosis Response from Technical Assistance job. The USAID Sustainable HIV and Tuberculosis Response from Technical Assistance job enhances and supplies ingenious enhancements in HIV and Tuberculosis solutions and aids shift the HIV/AIDS response to host country possession via targeted technological assistance in six provinces in Vietnam in order to complete the nation's ambitious 90-90-90 targets. SHIFT is expected to complete this objective by giving direct service distribution and technical aid on HIV and TB to the Vietnam Authority of HIV/AIDS Control and the National TB Program, in addition to other essential regional stakeholders in concern provinces, to make certain effective transition from USAID-supported HIV and TB solutions to the provincial government by the end of the job. Building on the successes of previous USAID projects, USAID SHIFT proceeds application of testing and therapy models in six provinces in the Ho Chi Minh City Metropolitan area and Northern Economic Zone. Accomplish epidemic control targets with scaling up TB services in partnership with neighborhood TB networks. To sustain Vietnam's initiatives to finish TB, from October 2019, USAID SHIFT intends to increase the variety of TB cases spotted and started on therapy in Vietnam to stop the transmission cycle. USAID SHIFT uses 2 methods to increase drug-sensitive and drug-resistant TB case detection in the 7 provinces including the 2X Strategy making use of chest X-ray and GeneXpert test; and active instance searching for among choose risk groups to show proof of principle and feasibility for expanded 2X which will make it possible for provinces to scale up application utilizing their own resources adhering to the project's conclusion.

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