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Last Updated: 10 May 2022
freddie award for nci website "freddie award for nci website", by Unknown Photographer. In 2004, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) was presented with a FREDDIE Award for its redesigned Web site, From left to right: Andrew C. von Eschenbach (NCI director, 2001-2006); Nelvis Castro, Deputy Director, NCI...

LM SitesLM handles 101 sites in the United States and the region of Puerto Rico connected with previous radiological and nuclear material production and screening, and energy research, some dating from as very early as the Manhattan Project. Considered Sites OverviewThe Considered Sites Database provides information about sites that were formerly used in the nation's nuclear tools and very early atomic energy programs and had the possibility for residual radioactive contamination. Historical SitesSome LM sites have connected listings on the National Register of Historic Places in recognition of their value in American background. The Site Management Guide, which LM updates each year, includes a routine for when it is estimated that sites will move to LM.

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