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It is constructed from strong white crystals that take in water from the air. Sodium hydroxide is caustic. Workers that come in call with sodium hydroxide can be damaged. Sodium hydroxide is used to create soaps, rayon, paper, items that explode, dyes, and oil products. Some instances of employees that are at risk of being exposed to sodium hydroxide include those that. Use bleach, stove cleansers, and drain cleaners; Work in food processing plants; Work in public water therapy plants; Use sodium hydroxide for making paper, glass, detergents, soaps, and other items; Mine alumina and create aluminum. If you operate in a market that uses sodium hydroxide, please check out the chemical label and the Safety Data Sheet for information on how it can hurt you and just how to protect yourself. The following resources provide details about work environment exposure to sodium hydroxide. Beneficial search terms for sodium hydroxide include lye, caustic soda, soda lye, and sodium hydrate.

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