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Salsa On 2

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Last Updated: 01 November 2020

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Salsa On 2


Arms movements are used for communication between lead dancer and follower, to indicate either close or open position. In closed position, lead dancer places right hand on back of follower, with follower placing left hand on shoulder of leader. In an open position, lead dancer and follower hold one or both hands. This position is often used so that dancers can turn, put arms behind their backs or move around one another, and so on. Salsa New York Style or Salsa On2 formation is flat figure 8 or ellipse position. It is a more advanced style of Salsa that get huge following in New York and elsewhere. Dancers face each other most of the time in this style. On2 means that dance starts on Beat number 2, when follower moves one foot forward when music first measure start. In this style, partners dance in a close dance space. Partners avoid traveling across the dance floor and styling, turn and spins are minimal. It is more focused on Shines wherein dancers separate to dance solo, showcasing intricate styling and footwork for some time. It is believed that Shines originate from the tap dance version popular in New York and Swing. He may not have created Salsa ala New York, but Eddie Torres definitely made this particular Salsa style very popular. Aside from this, Torres is one who initiated the move of having followers first forward move on Beat 2 of music first measure. Salsa New York Style had two evolutions. The first one occurs during the era of Mambo, when there was an influx of Caribbean and other Latin American immigrants in New York during pre-and post-revolution in Cuba during 50s and 60s. Time was called the Palladium period, wherein prevailing dance style was the term Mambo that was applied to popular dance in general terms. Pedro Aguilar, dubbed King of Latin Beat, was the most popular dancer. He was of Puerto Rican descent. The second evolution was in the 1970s. This is a period when migrants from Puerto Rico were dominant in New York. They contributed so much to the development of Salsa in the state. NuYorican was the term used for this period when Hector Lavoe contributed a lot to developing and popularizing Salsa music around the world. It gave rise to several stars from Puerto Rico, like Ray Barretto and Tito Puente. With New York Style, emphasis is in compatibility with musical percussion instruments like clave, timbales and congas. Almost all of the percussion instruments in Salsa music punctuate music second beat. New York Style Salsa is primarily based on tombao conga drum pattern and beat of clave. New York Style is distinct because of its control, highly technical yet smooth movements that are not rush. They flow really well. The movements are graceful and elegant.

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* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions

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