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integrin-dependent actomyosin contraction regulates epithelial cell scattering. "integrin-dependent actomyosin contraction regulates epithelial cell scattering.", by de Rooij J, Kerstens A, Danuser G, Schwartz MA, Waterman-Storer CM. fig3: Scattering is promoted by increasing ECM concentration and is more efficient on Cn and Fn than on Ln 1. MDCK cells plated on the indicated ECM proteins were imaged by time-lapse phase-contrast microscopy. HGF...

The scattering of cremated human remains in Cape Lookout National Seashore must be a small private event, held far from high visitor use areas. Park call information is: The info on the application will be used by NPS team to evaluate the influence of the proposed activity on park resources and site visitors. The authority for the National Park Service to recover and maintain expenses related to managing special park uses is found at 16 U. S. C. To keep park cultural and natural resources and high quality site visitor experiences in addition to the typical terms, the list below problems and needs put on Special Use Permits for scattering of cremains: Permits will only be provided to individuals. A copy of the Certificate of Cremated Human Remains have to go along with the application and license. Areas within Cape Lookout National Seashore where the scattering of human remains are restricted area; From the Cape Lookout Lighthouse; Within 100 yards of Cape Lookout Historic District and Portsmouth Village Historic District; Within 100 lawns of any historical frameworks or covering piles; Within 100 lawns of Cape Lookout lighthouse; Within 100 yards of the boundaries of Great Island or Long Point cabins; Within 100 yards of any structure, dock, framework, outing area, route, roadway, creeks, marshes, drinkable water source or closed areas; Within 500 yards north and southern of the swim beach limit; Within a developed area; No rocks, vegetation or other natural deposits will be relocated, piled, reduced or disrupted by any means. No monument, memorial, plaque, framework, urn, image or other commemorative thing may be left within the borders of Cape Lookout National Seashore. Using acoustical instruments and the use of a mobile, battery ran stereo are acceptable as long as they meet the criteria provided in 36 CFR 2. 12 and do not interfere with using the area by other individuals. The permittee identifies that the National Park Service does not commit to treating the area as sacred or as a cemetery or cemetery. The park will not leave out nor allow you to exclude other park visitors from the website throughout the ceremony.

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